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Nafets brings software to life by integrating and automating all your business processes. Save time, cut costs, and supercharge your efficiency with our advanced AI-powered platform.

Nafets ai CRM and ERP dashboard for business management and operation
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Unified, AI-Driven Business Solutions Tailored for You

Our platform integrates all your digital systems under one dashboard, making it easier to manage operations, track metrics, and drive growth.

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Innovative solutions for web, mobile, cloud, and IoT applications, leveraging technologies like big data, AI and machine learning

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Increase search engine visibility and driving organic traffic to websites through technical optimization, content creation, and link building

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Protecting against threats and breaches through security assessments, vulnerability management, and incident response planning

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Digital Strategy

Developing and implementing effective plans for online growth and engagement, using data-driven insights and industry best practices.

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Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate tasks, improve decision-making, and drive innovation

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Maintaining and updating applications and websites to ensure optimal performance and security, with 24/7 support and monitoring

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automate your workflow

Integrate your favorite services with your Nafets dashboard and our AI will help take care of the tedious and time consuming tasks. That way you can do what you do best, and we can handle the rest.
Average reduction in business overhead costs
Ways of scaling and expanding the business through "virtual workers"
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Marketing Solutions

Increase Brand Awareness without Spending a Fortune

Our marketing services help businesses gain visibility and attract potential customers. From online ads, to our content creator network, we offer a range of solutions to drive growth and engagement.


Streamlining Operations Through Automation

Running your business isn't stressful when you have your software in order. From project management to customer relationship management, our cloud-based tools make it easy to manage and grow your business.

Funnel Creation

Optimizing Conversions and Maximizing ROI

Whether you're starting from scratch or want to rebrand, NAFETS offers a range of solutions to help you attract and convert more customers. We help curate the appropriate digital solutions for your business needs.


Enhancing Security & Optimizing Processes

From smart contract development to blockchain integration, we offer a range of solutions to help you leverage the power of blockchain technology. We also have onsite experts ready to chat about this emerging industry.

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Content Creation
Social Media Management
Algorithmically Scheduled Posts
Google Ads
Recommended SEO captions


Development / Management
Regular updates
Automated SEO Blog Posting
SEO Tools / AI suggestions
Menus / E-Commerce / Products


POS Integration
Delivery Service Management
Advanced Analytics
Predicted revenue system (AI)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Google My Business
Email Campaigns
Online Review Management
Scheduled Campaigns / Events
AI Chatbot for 24/7 Engagement

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Predictive Analytics
Workflow Automation
Resource Optimization
Supplier Performance Evaluation Proprietary ML Models

Business Logistics/ Operations

Finance Management Suite
Employee Management
Payroll / Timecard / Benefits
Competitor Tracking
Tasks / Project Tracking & Audits


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No Bullsh*t Solutions

No one likes BS, so why tolerate it? We tell you how it is and find an appropriate solution for your business

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We Save You Money

Our goal is to leverage advanced data to save businesses money, so you have a reason to keep us around 😉

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Automation = ↑ Productivity

We spent years analyzing data and creating algorithms to develop our proprietary automation machine

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